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88.9 Shine FM
4510 Macleod Trail South
Calgary, AB, T2G 0A4

Main Phone: 403-276–1111
Studio& Text Line: 403-276–8888

Program Director
Mountain Mike

Sales Manager
Nicole Eddy


105.9 Shine FM
5316 Calgary Trail NW
Edmonton, AB, T6H 4J8

Main Phone: 780-466-4930
Studio & Text Line: 780-433-1059

Program Director
Johnny Rocket

Sales Manager
Carol Henders

Red Deer

90.5 Shine FM

Main Phone: 403-356-9052
Studio & Text Line: 403-356-1905

Program Director
Jon Ramer

Sales Manager
Carol Henders

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Regarding any concerns about the political messages, as a broadcaster we are obligated to follow the Elections Canada Broadcast Guidelines, one of which requires each broadcaster to be nonpartisan by making advertising available for all.

Thank you for your understanding and for listening to our station as part of the #ShineFamily.