Received at Jerusalem.

John 2:23 – Received at Jerusalem.

                During the feast Jesus did many miracles and many believed in Him.  Signs, wonders and miracles will follow them who believe but all of these are designed to show God’s goodness and His glory.  The word glory is always connected with the character and essence of God.

                Jesus did not however trust the people because He knew how people can quickly turn on each other.  This was demonstrated in the last week of His life.  On Palm Sunday they would called Him King.  By the Friday they had crucified Him.  Jesus did not need man’s approval or testimony.  He knew what He was all about.  He was received by some but not all.  Jesus was careful of men and their motives.  A very good lesson for us!  Never take someone’s  approval as something to be cherish.  It is God’s approval at the end of life you want.