His peace

March 12 – Psalm 29:11 – His peace

     David again focuses on the strength and peace of the Lord.  With David this is a recurring theme.  One of the reasons he focuses on it so much is because these are basic human needs.  There are times when our strength fails and that is when we need supernatural strength.  Like the children`s song says, “I am weak but He is strong.”  In that moment of weakness, pray and see how the Lord in that moment will make you strong.  His ability makes us able.

     David then talks about how God’s peace comes to us in our moment of chaos, disorder, strife and war.  Peace is the absence of these.  It comes from a heart that trusts and opens itself to God.  He is the author of peace as the devil is the author of war.  The Lord is the one who brings love and the devil is the one who brings fear and hatred.  David says that peace is a blessing of the Lord.  It is something God wants to bring to your world today.  Open you heart to His peace today and enjoy the strength and peace of the Lord throughout this day.