Todd Agnew

Every story has a hero, a main character, and a protagonist.  In a book, the hero is fairly easy to identify.  In life, Todd Agnew found it a little harder. Agnew, the worship leader, musician and songwriter behind hits like “Grace Like Rain” and “My Jesus,” viewed Christianity as a life to be lived for God, with himself as the main character.  God, however, held a different view. Being the author of the story, God began to write a new understanding for Todd as well.
God started a new chapter by introducing a loving wife and children into the equation.  The gentle hand of God began to show Agnew that loving God and even loving his neighbor, while important and necessary, was not life’s central theme. This story is about God; He is the Prime Mover.  Everything else is moving in relation to Him.  So while Agnew already knew how to love, he now had to learn how to be loved. He had to learn to receive from the Giver, to be consoled by the Comforter, to be encouraged by the Hope.  The act of receiving recognizes the worth of the one giving.