Jason Gray

Jason Gray was born in Minnesota as Jason Gay. In 1993 he started working in youth ministry. In 1997 he released an independent album called The Singer and the Song. He then decided to become a full time musician. In 1999 he released another indie album called Postcard Maxi-Single, then A Place Called Hope in 2001 as well as a live album that same year. In 2003 Jason was named one of the Ten Outstanding Young Minnesotans by the Minnesota Junior Chamber for work with World Vision. His last indie album was called The Better Part of Me (2005).

In 2006 he was signed by Centricity Music. He then changed his name from Jason Gay to Jason Gray. In 2007 his first studio album All The Lovely Losers was released. Like his ministry in general, this album was an open glimps into his life, including his struggle as a chronic stutterer.

That album was followed by Acoustic Storytime: Live Songs And Stories in 2008. Jason Gray’s real breakthrough album Everything Sad Is Coming Untrue was released in 2009.