Bluetree is an Irish worship band. The lead singer is Aaron Boyd, Guitarist Pete Nickell, Bassist Peter Comfort, and Drummer Jonny Hobson.

Aaron was put in charge of leading worship at Christian Fellowship Church in Northern Ireland. They began performing at a number of worship events. In 2005 the band started playing for thousands of teens at the Youth for Christ “Manifest” events held in Belfast on a monthly basis. As a band their goal was to love others, but their focus was on musical excellence. They didn’t want to allow good intentions of worship to allow them to get sloppy. Their big hit “God of This City” was written while playing live, in a bar on a missions trip to Thailand. Worship lead Robin Mark attended their church at the time. He introduced the band to producer Paul Mills, who they asked to produce their album Greater Things. The band started calculating how much it would cost to rent the proper equipment to record the album, and it was getting expensive. Instead they asked a friend of Paul Mills’ to use his studio. The friend was Van Morrison and the studio was one U2 often recorded at. The album was released independently in 2007. In 2008 it was picked up by Fierce Records for UK distribution. Meanwhile Chris Tomlin heard their song and decided to cover it on both the albums Passion and Hello Love.
Bluetree signed with Lucid Entertainment on which the released the album to North America in 2009.  

They are planning to release a new album in September 2011. It’s expected to be titled “Kingdom”.