Francesca Battistelli

It all started in New York in 1985. Francesca Battistelli was born to parents with a love for musical theater. When she was 6 she saw The Secret Garden on Broadway and instantly wanted to be a performer. Her first real performance experience didn’t come until she was 15 when she joined a girls pop group and toured the US singing and dancing. After the group disbanded she turned to attention to songwriting.

In 2004 she recorded her songs on an independent album called Just a Breath, which she also co-produced. After about 3 years as in indie artist Francesca Battistelli was signed by Fervent Records. Her new studio recordings were produced by Ian Eskelin of All Star United. The full album My Paper Heart, was released in 2008.

Here latest album “Hundred More Years” will be released March 1, 2011.